About Us

India has a large young population providing the country an excellent opportunity to grow its economy. The number of manufacturing companies is increasing and exports are also seeing an upward trend boding well for employment for the youth. The government is also creating several new job opportunities for all strata of the working population.

With the objective to provide equal employment opportunities to all Indian citizens, the central, state, and other government offices provide several vacancies. Government agencies, such as the Police and Defense Services and the Railways have a large number of vacancies catering to different sections of the society.

Sometimes, the information related to these job openings is not easy to find. Often, piecemeal data about the available career opportunities in central, state and other government offices are found scattered through various traditional media like newspapers and radio advertisements. With the advent of technology and the Internet, such information is also found across the World Wide Web. 

Sarkari Naukris Online is an online portal that provides information about all the available job openings at the state, central, and other government offices. Our primary goal is to provide a centralized location for all this information and ensure it is readily and easily accessible to the Indian citizens.

We are currently in the process of documenting and distributing information about vacancies at the Central, State government level. Over a period of time, we plan to expand to the grass-root level agencies and offer valuable information about available job opportunities and vacancies at these organizations too.

Kindly note that while SarkariNaukrisOnline.com documents and distributes information about relevant jobs, we do not facilitate the application process for any such jobs or vacancies nor are we affiliated with the Government. You may reach out to the specific Government organization for any grievances regarding any of the job vacancies.