Ek Parivar Ek Naukri Yojana 2020

Employment is growing to be a matter of concern in India. With a staggering number of individuals in non-earning positions, the families really find it difficult to get by on a day-to-day basis. 

Acknowledging this very issue, the Government of India is soon to launch the scheme – Ek Parivar Ek Naukri scheme, which is a centrally funded employment scheme. The scheme is directed towards providing employment opportunities for those who are in dire need of it. 

Objectives of the scheme

The scheme aims to achieve the following objectives through the Ek Parivar Ek Naukri Yojana: 

  • Ensuring at least one individual from the family holds a steady job that can aid the sustenance of her/his family
  • Equal and justified remuneration for the number of hours put in.
  • Getting as many people across the country in earning positions so that everyone has an opportunity to work towards achieving a decent purchasing power. 

Further details on the Yojana

The Ek Parivar Ek Naukri has employment at its core objective. The scheme is set to launch in 2020 and the first location it would be implemented in is decided to be Sikkim in the earlier stages and it would steadily be implemented all across the country. 

Parting thoughts

The country is in dire need of individuals in earning positions, as in the long run, it massively impacts the economy too. A country where the maximum number of individuals aren’t contributing to the economy are essentially not helping the country’s economy grow. 

The Ek Parivar Ek Naukri Yojana is therefore a nod by the government in the right direction. 

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